Source: CNN Politics
Out of the entirety of Congress, women only make up around a quarter of office holders. However, the 118th Congress is about to break the record for the most women holding a seat in office. Starting January 2023, 124 women will be taking office – marking a total of 149 women members of Congress.
Over a third of these women will be women of color, breaking a record number of Latina and Black women representatives in the House – where more than half the women taking office in January will be women of color. However, the Senate is behind the House in this area, with the number of Asian, Black, and Latina women remaining the same. Still, the overall increase in diversity within Congress is a step in the right direction.
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Congress is not the only place where this growth is present. Arkansas just elected their first female governor – Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Shirly Weber just became California’s first elected Black Secretary of State. Maura Healy and Tina Kotek became two of America’s first out lesbian governors in Massachusetts and Oregon, respectively. Even at a state level, the election was a win for women of diverse backgrounds.
Historically, it has been much more difficult for women, especially women of color, to work their way into federal office. With these women claiming their voices, many other young women will see that it is possible to have a career in politics. The diversity of opinion is also an important part of bringing representation to politics in general. With the upcoming presidential election in 2024, women are not being counted out. More and more women are gaining the respect and attention that is needed for the presidency, and it is not unlikely that one of the many women stepping into politics could rise to the top.