The Women’s Equity Project envisions a world of racial, social and gender equity where every woman and child will have a safe home and in times of transition, a trauma informed safe haven with deep protective factors, to assure they can heal, grow, thrive and blossom into who they are meant to be.


The mission of the Women’s Equity Project is to advance the status of marginalized women and children experiencing homelessness in our country and bring an end to homelessness. We do so by: bringing together women's homeless shelters and elevating the voices of women with lived homeless experience from across the country; showcasing best practices and innovation; conducting and sharing research and information; offering training and capacity building; identifying gaps and needs and developing informed public and social policies; raising public awareness and education; and advancing solutions to end and prevent homelessness. We recognize that the solutions to ending homelessness are founded on racial, social and gender equity for women and children and an engine of social and economic prosperity for all.