For centuries, women have been perceived as inferior to men. Fighting endlessly for equal rights, women from our grandmothers to our daughters have been subject to unequal treatment, limited opportunities, gender-based violence and discrimination. 
Historical milestones accomplished by women in the fight for equality spotlight the strength, perseverance and drive which continue to characterize the essence of women today. From breakthroughs which have contributed to the betterment of women’s life and instituted their rightful place in society and under the law to the rise of feminism and egalitarianism, many consider these developments the culmination of gender parity. Societal norms suggest otherwise– gender inequality continues to permeate. 
Despite progress made, we find ourselves in the twenty-first century with modern day women confronted with a myriad of obstacles. From unequal pay and underrepresentation in politics to unequal distribution of household labor and domestic violence...
the fight for gender equality is far from over.