Source: Sarah A. Miller/Idaho Statesman, via Associated Press
Following a series of controversial debates and unsettling legislation concerning the right to abortion, Idaho has become the newest state to introduce and sign a new restrictive abortion bill into law. Mirroring that of many others around the country, this new law will ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy and allow family members of the “pre-born child” – as quoted in the bill – to sue abortion providers for a minimum award of $20,000 plus legal fees. Presenting minimal exceptions for victims of sexual assault, the law does not allow rapists to file suit against abortion providers – however, it does allow the family members of rapists to do so. The latter exposing victims of sexual assault to relive trauma while openly compensating offenders. 
Expressing his concerns over the constitutionality of this new restrictive abortion bill, the Governor of Idaho stated “while I support the pro-life policy in this legislation, I fear the novel civil enforcement mechanism will in short order be proven both unconstitutional and unwise.” Yet, going against his better judgment, Governor Little has decided – like many others before him – to place the constitutional rights of women and girls in danger. 
Conflicting with Roe v. Wade, this law has proven to be yet another mechanism to control women and the trajectory of their lives. Stripping away their basic human right to autonomous decision making over their own bodies, policies like these undermine the value of women and girls as humans and members of society. 

This law is unconstitutional, dangerous and an assault on the hundreds of thousands of Idahoans of reproductive age...